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Self-Designed Major in Anthropology

Our department is proud of the many students it has assisted in creating self-designed majors in anthropology.  Students interested in self-designed majors are encouraged to make an appointment with one of our anthropology faculty and to visit the TCNJ website on self-designed majors.

Although self-designed majors are intended to allow students flexibility in pursuing their interests, our department has outlined the following steps as required for the self-designed anthropology major at TCNJ:

Initial Steps for designing your Anthropology major

1. Complete ANT 110 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology and be enrolled in or have completed at least two other anthropology courses
2. Satisfy minimum GPA requirements of 3.0 (3.5 to write a Senior Thesis)
3. Write a Plan of Study in consultation with Anthropology adviser (Prof. Shakow or Prof. Adler)
4. Receive the approval of the Sociology and Anthropology department faculty to apply for the self-designed major
5. Present the Plan of Study at the monthly meeting of the TCNJ Self-Designed Majors Committee and receive their approval

Suggested Courses:
Four core courses offered by the Sociology and Anthropology department:
• ANT 110 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
• ANT 111 Introduction to Physical Anthropology
• SOC 301 Development of Socio-Cultural Theory
• A methods course: ANT 390 Research Course in Anthropology, ANT 401 Urban Ethnography, OR SOC 404/Tutorial Qualitative Interviewing and Analysis. NOTE SOC 302 prerequisites will be waived.

One additional classroom-based course in anthropology. Suggested courses include but are not limited to:
• ANT 112 Introduction to Archaeology
• ANT 340 Social Change in Latin America
• ANT/SOC 371 Culture, Health, and Illness
• ANT/SOC 372 Global Public Health
• ANT 311 Women and Migration
• ANT 335 Global Urbanization
• ANT 315 Ethnicity, Race and Nation

A Capstone experience accompanied by faculty mentoring and research:
ANT 499 Guided internship OR 495 Senior Thesis based upon ethnographic, archaeological, or biological anthropology research, and/or study abroad

Six to eight other courses throughout TCNJ or study abroad program, chosen in consultation with Anthropology faculty mentor, to align with the proposed focus of the Plan of Study (geographic or thematic). NOTE: If student completes a two-semester thesis, only five other courses are needed in this category.

Plan of Study to present to the Self Designed Majors Committee
This is a narrative proposal that includes:
1. One paragraph on your motivations for creating the anthropology self-designed major
2. Two-three paragraphs on your focus within the major

a. By region (For example, Latin America, Eastern Europe) AND

b. By theme (For example, Migration, Nationalism, Race, Religion) AND

c. By anthropological subfield (For example, medical anthropology, political anthropology)

3. Two-paragraph description of your capstone (internship or thesis)
4. List of minimum of twelve-course sequence that includes the requirements above and describes
capstone experience (internship or thesis research) and any study abroad experience.

For a printable pdf of this information, please click here:

Self-Designed Anthropology Major Guidelines Updated Spring 2014-1