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Arch Street Project


Our summer 2016’s Bioarchaeology Field School received much press because it turned out to be one of the largest historic archaeology collections discovered on the east coast. Over 400 remains of some of America’s earliest European settlers were discovered and are currently being studied by researchers at The College of New Jersey (Dr. George Leader and Dr. Jared Beatrice) as well as at Rutgers-Camden, The Mutter Research Institute and University of Pennsylvania. The bones were discovered during the construction of a 2-story parking deck for a local condo unit. During excavation for the parking deck, bones began appearing, and layers of coffins were soon discovered. The bones were carefully excavated and TCNJ currently houses over 300 of the skeletal remains. Faculty look forward to tackling this multi-year research project with student involvement through course work and independent research. The remains will eventually re-buried at Mt. Moriah Cemetary, the intended final resting place of the Arch St remains.