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Faculty Profiles

Full-Time Faculty

Dr. Rachel Adler, RN, APN-BC

Professor of Anthropology, PhD, Arizona State University
(609) 771-2626
Social Sciences 339
Dr. Diane Bates

Bates 2

Professor of Sociology, PhD, Rutgers University
(609) 771-3176
Social Sciences 337
Dr. Jared Beatrice


Associate Professor of Anthropology,

PhD, Michigan State University
(609) 771-3417
Social Sciences 336
Dr. Elizabeth Borland

Professor of Sociology, PhD, University of Arizona
(609) 771-2869
Social Sciences 313
Dr. Winnifred Brown-Glaude

brown (1)

Professor of African American Studies and Sociology,

PhD (Sociology), Temple University
(609) 771-2149
Social Sciences 310
Dr. Tim Clydesdale


Professor of Sociology, PhD, Princeton University

(Currently on leave from department and serving as Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies in Academic Affairs)

Personal Website*
(609) 771-3153
Social Sciences 312
Dr. Holly Didi-Ogren

Associate Professor of Anthropology and Japanese,

PhD (Anthropology), University of Texas
(609) 771-2890
Bliss Hall 328
Dr. J. Lynn Gazley

Associate Professor of Sociology,

PhD, MPH, Northwestern University
(609) 771-2930
Social Sciences 338
Dr. Mohamoud Ismail


Assistant Professor of Sociology, PhD, Wayne State University
(609) 771-2180
Social Sciences 311
Dr. Rebecca Li
Associate Professor of Sociology and Interim Department Chair (AY20-21),

Ph.D. University of California – Riverside

(609) 771-2546
Social Sciences 314

Dr. George Leader

Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology,

Ph.D. University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Social Sciences 338




Dr. Miriam Shakow

Miriam Shakow 001

Professor of Anthropology, PhD, Harvard University
(609) 771-2635
Social Sciences 317A

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Robert Anderson

Professor Emeritus of Sociology, MA, New School for Social Research
Dr. Regina Kenen

Professor Emeritus of Sociology; MPH, University of Sydney; PhD, Columbia University
Dr. Howard Robboy

Professor Emeritus of Sociology, PhD, Rutgers University

Adjunct Faculty – Spring 2021

Dr. Jodi Brodsky Adjunct Professor of Sociology
Social Science 341
Dr. Ted Cohen Adjunct Professor of Sociology
Social Sciences 341
Dr. Chloe Mulderig Adjunct Professor of Anthropology
Social Science 341
Prof. Antonio Scarpati Adjunct Professor of Sociology and Assistant Dean of the School of Nursing, Health & Exercise Science
(609) 771-2447
Trenton Hall 206
Dr. Patricia Tevington Adjunct Professor of Sociology
Social Sciences 341
Dr. Maggie Ussery Adjunct Professor of Sociology
Social Sciences 341


Karen Dubrule
Department Program Administrator

(609) 771-2670
Social Science 317



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