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Sociology Major with a Double Major in Public Health

4-year Academic Plan Example

Listed below is an outline for completing a double major in Sociology and Public Health. This is only a suggested order for taking the courses and students are not committed to taking the courses in this particular order.

Three courses may double-count between the two majors: ANT/SOC/PBH 240, SOC 302 and either ANT/SOC/PBH 372 or ANT/SOC/PBH 373.

You will also find suggested times to take liberal learning courses (LL), which include: two courses with different prefixes in the domains of Literary, Visual, and Performing arts or World Views and Ways of Knowing; two courses from each broad sector (i.e. Arts & Humanities) from different subjects; one Natural Science; and one Quantitative Reasoning (covered by SOC 302).





First year sequence PBH 099 (0 Credit)


SOC 101

STA 115 or 215

BIO  171, 172, 104, or 201, or LL or Foreign Language or SOC/ANT elective


ANT/SOC elective

WRI 102*

BIO 144, 171, 172, 104, or 201, or LL or Foreign Language or SOC/ANT elective

Second year sequence SOC 301

SOC 373 (US Public Health)


Foreign Language or LL**

SOC 302

SOC 372 (Global Public Health)

PBH elective

Foreign Language or SOC/ANT elective

Third year sequence COM 345, 403, 415, 460 or 487***

SOC/ANT Elective

HIS Elective (Race and Ethnicity Related)

Liberal Learning or SOC/ANT elective

PBH Elective 1 (Health Ethics Suggested)

ANT/SOC Elective (Gender Related)

Free Elective****

Free Elective

Fourth year sequence PBH Elective 2

PBH 405*****

Free Elective


PBH Elective 2

PBH Elective 3

SOC 499

Free Elective


*A student who is not exempted from WRI 102 should take that course in this semester instead of a liberal learning course. If you have a minor in mind you may want to consider taking a course to start on a path towards fulfilling that minor. **AP test scores may allow for course waivers for some Liberal Learning requirements

**Students whose first major is Sociology are required to show proficiency in a second language at the third level (103), with prerequisites of the first (101) and second (102) level of the language needed before enrolling in the third level. Students whose first major is Public Health must also meet the second language requirement at the third level as above.

***This requirement can also be satisfied by global study through COM 487, or approved alternate course/experience.

****It is highly recommended that a minor be picked up as there is available course slots for free electives that can lead to a minor. Although there are only 4 free electives, with average minors requiring 5 courses, you may wish to consider having another required course count towards the minor, possibly consider overloading, or plan for one winter or summer course.

*****PBH 405 Senior Capstone in Public Health consists of a 120-hour intensive internship that will count for 2 units if taken in one semester.  However, it may be completed over two or more academic terms for variable unit credit totaling 2 units.  For example, a student may be approved to complete 1 unit in the fall and 1 unit in the winter term.  As SOC 499 includes an embedded 90-hour internship, the same internship cannot be used to satisfy both capstone course requirements and should be taken in separate semesters. Students are expected to coordinate and confirm plans for boht capstone experiences at least one semester in advance with PBH and ANT/SOC advisors.

For a pdf of this information, please click here.