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Sociology Major for Pre-Med Students

4-year Academic Plan Example*

*Assumes no AP/test or other credits entering TCNJ—students that have such credit in language or other subjects would be able to complete these courses earlier.

Click here for a pdf of this information.

Sociology major requires 4 core courses: SOC 101, 301, 302, and 499.

6 SOC/ANT electives required.

 The Department of Sociology is committed to working with majors who wish to pursue medical careers.  Majoring in Sociology can help prepare you for the MCAT because with the MCAT being revised to cover foundational knowledge of behavioral and social science concepts, 30% of the new section will be from Sociology.  Sociology also provides a great background for students who want to be better prepared to learn about social and behavioral determinants of health and to promote a more nuanced examination of how personal and group identities influence professional development and behavior. [ASA Footnotes, Jul/Aug 2012]. This page has a useful guide with a suggested four-year academic plan (*courses may be taken in any order as long as pre-requisites have been met – this is just one suggested course sequence).  Please speak with your advisor or the department chair to learn more.

The basic requirements for the pre-med sequence (non-Biology majors) are: two semesters of biology courses with labs (the minimum required by med schools). At TCNJ, this actually means three courses: Themes in Biology (and its lab); Eukaryotic Cell (which does not have a lab, but is now a pre-requisite for the other course); and Genetics (and its lab) – the second recommended lab course.

Other courses: Gen Chem 1 & 2, Organic Chem 1 & 2, Physics 1 & 2, and Calculus A. The science courses should all be completed before taking the MCAT, typically by the end of the junior year.  Students intending to apply to medical school should NOT take Human Anatomy and Physiology  (BIO 301 and 302).***

Please note that this is just one possible sequence of courses but it is not required that students follow this exact order of courses. Students may take the science courses in whichever order fits their schedule as long as the pre-requisite requirements have been met.


                           Fall                                                       Spring

First year sequence

  • SOC 101
  • CHEM 201
  • FSP
  • Calculus 127
  • BIO 201
  • CHEM 202
  • STA 115
  • WRI 102 or SOC elective



Second year sequence

  • BIO 211
  • Lang I
  • Physics 201
  • SOC 301
  • BIO 231
  • Physics 202
  • Language II
  • SOC 302



Third year sequence

  • Organic Chem 331
  • Language III
  • Free elective (PSY 101 suggested)
  • SOC elective
  • Organic Chem 332
  • SOC elective
  • SOC elective
  • Public Health elective (suggested)



Fourth year sequence

  • SOC or Free elective
  • SOC elective or Thesis Part I
  • Liberal Learning course*
  • Liberal Learning course*
  • SOC 499 or Thesis Part II
  • SOC elective
  • Liberal Learning course*
  • Liberal learning course*


*AP test scores may allow for course waivers for Liberal Learning requirements.

** Some students may wish to do a for-credit internship or research project during summer which would fulfill the requirements of one SOC elective.

***Note: BIO 185 is reserved for Biology majors fall semester; BIO 211 is reserved for Biology majors spring semester